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Control Tech has brought all their aluminum fabrication techniques to bear in the creation and production of this seat post. A careful design, that uses several aluminum extrusions reduces the number of unique parts in making this revolving clamp seatpost. The mast of this post is made of an aluminum extrusion that has a 1.7mm tubing wall thickness. More important, a 1.8mm thick wall through the middle of the interior of the post is extruded as a part of the tube, making it much stronger, the equivalent of two domes solidly resting back to back. The lower cradle piece for the clamp is an extrusion cut to length, which creates the width of the clamp. The rear of this cradle area has an extended locking lip which forms the bottom of hinged retaining system. The upper piece of the hinge slides beneath this rear lip and is held in place because of the interlocking ridges at the rear, and two bolts at the front. The two bolts screw up from the bottom, through the lower cradle, into nutserts recessed from the top of the upper cradle piece, to bind the cradle pieces and hold the saddle clamp very tightly. The bolts are nickel plated steel, 5mm by 1mm thread pitch, 15mm long, with a 5mm allen head. The nutserts are made of stainless steel. Between the two cradle pieces are two extruded aluminum clamp pieces. The Silver clamp pieces are extruded in a hollow, half round shape, with knurled edges on the rounded surface, as a part of the extrusion. The knurled surface on the lower clamp piece mates with a similar surface inside the bottom of the lower cradle piece. Control Tech mills a half-round groove at both ends on the flat side of the clamp pieces for the saddle rail, and then to reduce weight, mills away the bottom plate with an oval hole. The two clamp pieces lie flat to each other on the top and bottom of the saddle rails. The lower cradle piece is TIG welded to the tubing section with one long pulsed continuous weld. The tubing/lower cradle and the upper cradle piece are super hard anodized Black, so the color is less likely to be scratched during installation or use. With the clamp perpendicular to the tubing section, the center of rail to end of tube length is 350mm. The weight of a 26.8mm Control Post is 296 grams. The Control Post is made in Washington state, USA, and is available in, 26.6mm, 26.8mm, 27.0mm, 27.2mm, 28.6mm, and 31.6mm

Size-66-68-70-72-86-16 $ Price in Catalog


Control's initial success with the ATB Control Post led them to introduce the same post using a shorter seat mast tube. In the Road versions case the head piece, upper clamp piece, and mast assembly are Clear anodized in a Silver color after welding. The inner clamp pieces are anodized Black in color. With the clamp perpendicular to the tubing section, the center of rail to end of tube length is 232mm. The weight of a 27.2mm Control Road Post is 223 grams. It's available in, 26.6mm, 26.8mm, 27.0mm, and 27.2mm.

Size-66-68-70-72 $ Price in Catalog

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