Campagnolo Seatpost


The Record post is an "aerodynamically shaped, micro-adjusting seatpost. The seat mast assembly is made of aluminum alloy and incorporates a head piece, which is pressed and flash fit into a lower tubing section. The joint between both pieces is nearly imperceptible as it falls into a decorative horizontal line. The head piece half is machined of aluminum, with the interior bored to hollow and drop the weight of the piece. The top of the head piece has an arching saddle for the lower clamp piece to cinch against. This arching saddle for the clamp flares on both sides, narrow at the top, tapering outward, and at the 2/3 down mark, drop straight down. These machine tapered sides fit, with the bolt tightened very snugly into the lower clamp piece. The underside of the saddle is also cut with an inner arch. A contoured, chrome steel spacer fits against this inner arch, and the steel fastening bolt passes through it, up through the head piece and lower clamp, to anchor into the upper clamp piece. The steel bolt is chrome plated, has a 6mm hex head, with 8mm by 1mm pitched threads, and a length of 39mm. The steel original has a 17.5 gram weight and be replaced with a Titanium weighing 11 grams listed at the end of this section. The clamp pieces are cast of aluminum alloy and have 1 5/8" of saddle rail contact on each side. The upper piece has tapped threads to receive the fastening bolt. Unlike other clamp pieces of this type, there is nothing distinctive that "docks" specifically into the lower clamp piece, which creates a "key" to make the installation sure and absolute. Just the bolt is relied on to hold the clamp pieces square to each other. The mast assembly is given an extremely high polished finish, while the clamp pieces have a duller post-cast only appearance. With the clamp perpendicular to the mast section, the center of rail to end of tube length is 214mm. The weight of a 27.0mm Campy Record post is 221.5 grams. The Campagnolo Record post is made in Italy, and available in, 25.0mm, 26.8mm, 27.0mm, and 27.2mm sizes.

Size-50-68-70-72 $ Price in Catalog

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