American Classic QR Seatpost Bolt


The American Classic seat bolt is light weight, yet strong in the needed areas. Weighing 50 grams, it draws up using the traditional internal cam design. The lever is a softly bent, thin steel rod. The cam system and threaded rod are steel. The outer housing for the lever side is machined aluminum. The nut piece is machined to shape, then drilled through, top to bottom, for a small nylon rod that is pressed through before it is drilled end to end and tapped. The nylon rod gives your fingers something to grip while threading the lever in, and it operates like a locknut and "locks" the nut in place by providing a fine, but continual pressure to the threaded rod through it. The bolt also has two aluminum spacers that are turned on a lathe. These "shroud" the nut and lever mechanism, and are bushings for support of the seat clamp holes. The largest distance the skewer will close on is 32mm, the smallest distance is will close on is 8mm. The skewer may be shortened by marking and cutting the extra threaded rod length, then afterward cleaning up the threads with a file. The American Classic bolt is available with lever painted Black, and the lever housing and nut anodized in Silver, Black, Blue, Lavender. Made in the USA.

18-86-100 (Color-B-BK-L-S) $ Price in Catalog

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