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The Waveflo race saddle uses what their maker, Alden Laboratories calls "Flolite liquid" to ultimately contour and cushion the riders bottom. Flolite is described as a liquid material by the makers, by is more in the nature of a non-hardening paste in real terms. This paste-like material is enclosed in a plastic envelope that is shaped to fit over the saddle top and sides beneath it's upper cover. The Flolite under pressure from the rider's body migrates away from the stronger points of contact within the envelope to cushion the rider. The density of the Flolite material varies with the saddle model, thicker, more dense, low viscosity Flolite is used in the Race saddle giving a firmer support.

The shell and rail assembly are made in Taiwan, by Viscount, of a fairly stiff molded nylon. Over the shell is molded high density, low compression, foam rubber, that has a molded depression made for the Flolite package to lay over and surround the saddle top and sides. This Flolite package starts at 3 1/4" from the tip and extends to the back of the saddle. Over the Flolite is a smooth Black leather covering, that wraps the saddle completely and is cut and glued to the underside of the shell. The shell has two rear rail receivers and a front return curve bridge, holding the return curve, while joining the sides and top. The rails are made of a single piece of spring steel painted Black. The return curve is at the front 2 1/8 inches, (53mm), from the tip of the saddle. The Racing model comes in Black or White, and weighs 382 grams.

Racing (Color -BK-W) $ Price in Catalog

Waveflo Race Titanium Saddle

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