Velo Saddle


Velo is a Taiwan manufacturer is bicycle saddles, whose products have historically been sold in the United States, under other companies brand names. Their work the quality many riders seek. The Velo Titanium Race saddle is the basis on which the WaveFlo Elite saddle is built, so their similarities are understandable. The saddle uses a molded nylon shell, with softness provided from molded high density foam padding. The foam padding contours the shell, feathering to thin edge at the sides.

The padding is glued to the shell, and a thin perforated leather cover is carefully cut and glued down over the foam padding with the edges rolled under the lip of the shell and tightly glued in place. The rail assembly is made of Titanium rod, and has the return curve at the front of the saddle, located in a bridge molded into the shell. The thick molded bridge joins the sides and top, at the front of the saddle. The return curve occurs 1 1/2" from the tip. The rail ends are held in rear rail recievers molded into the nylon shell. The Velo Titanium Race saddle is available only with a Black leather cover and weighs 210.5 grams. $ Price in Catalog
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