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Spenco has been bought by WRS Sports from Kimberley-Clark.
WRS is Dr. Spence's new company. These saddles may be in limited supply.


Spenco, as a company, was begun by Dr. Wayman R. Spence in the early 1980's. He was innovative, and brought forth the first bicycle saddle and saddle pads using viscoelastic gels, (which had been used in making artificial body parts in medical patients-read that as "implants"). It was a highly creative thought. The Gel spreads the weight evenly over each molecule of the gel, yet gives and contours to the human body. The Full Gel saddle uses a shell of rigid, molded polyethylene plastic, made by Velo in Taiwan. The saddle shell has depressions molded into it in the pelvic bone contact area and the sciatic nerve area. These depressions allow more of the Gel to exist in those areas of the saddle.

The full Gel saddle uses only Spenco Gel as its form of padding. The Mens model has 12 ounces, while the Womens model has 10 ounces. The shell and Gel package are covered in Black stretch Lycra that is cemented at the sides and underneath the bottom lip of the seat. The Lycra is also stapled underneath the tail of the Full Gel saddle. It uses spring steel rails with a return curve in the front, 1 5/8" from the tip. The Spenco Full Gel saddle comes in a Mens (touring) model or a Womens (touring) model. A top down, silhouette image is provided above to show each of their relative sizes. These shots were done at exactly the same distance so they show each of their relative shapes and sizes. The exact weights and dimensions are provided in the saddle table. Black

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Spenco Classic Champion Saddle

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