Speed Defies Gravity Saddles


This is one of two saddles we are aware of that uses a fabric cover with Kevlar fibers to resist tearing, (the other is the Serfas Tailbones, believed made in Taiwan). The S200 uses a Taiwan made, nylon shell with no molded in anatomical depressions. A molded neoprene foam rubber is used for padding. The foam padding extends the length of the saddle, tail to nose, covers the sides, then feathers into the shell bottom. The fabric cover is glued to the foam padding, and then up under the underside of the shell.

The cementing is cleanly performed and the fabric, is well tailored to contour the under side of the saddle nose. There are two rail recievers molded into the shell at the rear, with the rail return curve occurring in a molded bridge two inches from the tip of the saddle. The rail bridge joins the top and sides of the sheel together at the front and has a reinforcing rib that leads to the tip, adding support. The rails are made from 7.1mm in diameter Titanium alloy wire. The exact alloy or it's origin isn't mentioned. If the rails were produced in Taiwan, they would likely be made of Russian Titanium alloy, which we have cautioned against elsewhere (handlebars). We found the S2000 weighed 250 1/2 grams, (not close to the 215 grams that SDG claims). $ Price in Catalog
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