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The genius of Tom Ritchey takes place in two forms. One is that he is able to look freshly at how things have been done in the cycling world and arrive at a way to reduce weight or make improvements. His other is ability to extract quality work from manufacturing companies that hadn't been known for particularly good work before. The Ritchey Logic Racing Saddle, made in Taiwan by Viscount, brings these elements together. It begins as a nylon base with depressions molded into the shell to accept more padding where the pelvic bones come most in contact with the seat. Over the shell, molded high density foam padding is glued. The padding extends from the tail to the tip and comes to a feather edge down the side of the saddle.

It's then covered in a smooth Black or White sheepskin leather which is cemented to the sides as well as the bottom backside of the lip. The "Logic" part of the Racing Saddle is in how he has chosen to reduce the weight. The rear rail receivers (the blocks of molded nylon that the rail fit into) are made hollow on the underside and at their rear. The other reduction is accomplished by using a shorter rails system. The rails are made of spring steel, (painted Black), with the return curve at the front, but it is set farther toward the tail, in fact 2 3/8" from the tip. Neither of these steps compromise the integrity of the saddle, in fact there is a web of structural reinforcement added in front of the return curve bridge to assist it's rigidity. Available only in Black which weighs 316 grams.

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