The Avocet GelFlex 30 Mountain saddles use construction that is very similar the 20 series. The primary difference is the molded shape of the saddle shell and bumper fittings. The shell has recesses molded into it at the nose and on each of the sides. The outer-most sides and the nose of a saddle are known to be high wear areas from mere use, and falling on the bike, (you've seen torn up seat sides from falls before). After the Lycra is stretched over the saddle, molded plastic bumpers slip over the lip and are screwed in place.

There is also a bumper screwed onto the front of the nose to protect the front of the saddle. The rail system is the same design on this saddle as it is with the series 20. The Avocet series 30 saddles come in four styles, Mens (touring), Womens (touring), Racing, and Comfort (which is like an ATB type but a little wider than usual). A top down, silhouette image is provided above to show each of their relative sizes. These shots were done at exactly the same distance so they show each of their shapes and sizes relative to each other. The exact weights and dimensions are provided in the saddle table. The series 30 saddles come with a Black Lycra surface with Black bumpers. $ Price in Catalog

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