Mavic Road Rims

Mavic 700c diameter Road Racing clincher rims


The Mavic MA2 is a double wall 700c road racing rim. As stated the series of alloy used for this rim kept secret. The MA2 is a Box shaped extrusion, with the three exterior surfaces, both side walls and the hub facing side of the spoke bed wall high polished to a bright Silver aluminum then Clear anodized to harden and preserve the finish. The extrusion is then drilled for the spoke and valve holes and rolled into its hoop shape. The ends are joined using an aluminum inset into the cavity between the cross-tie and spoke bed walls of the rim. The aluminum insert uses the rim ends as a "sleeve" to fasten and hold the ends tightly together. On our specimen for writing we noticed an un-common tiny hairline gap between the ends, but this un-common.

The MA2 uses two-piece, double wall stainless steel eyelets to prevent spoke nipple pull through rim failure. Both eyelet pieces are stamped from sheet stainless steel, the upper eyelet piece is cupped shaped, while the lower eyelet piece takes the form of a hollow rivet. The upper cupped shaped piece which has an oval seat, is inserted into the spoke hole from the interior or tire side. The lower piece is set into the upper cup piece, with the lower piece protruding though the spoke bed wall. Force is applied to the top of the lower piece so a can flare the lower piece into a smooth round blossom that holds both eyelet pieces firmly within the cross-tie and spoke bed walls. The spoke bed wall one of our production specimens of an MA2 showed a small amount of distortion from this peening process. The amount of force from the peening machine was set just a little high. More specifics about the rim are available in the Rim Table.

Mavic MA2 700c (Hole-2-6-0)
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