Mavic Road Rims

Mavic 700c diameter Road Racing clincher rims


The 700c diameter Open S.U.P. is the likely successor to the Open 4 CD. It has many of the features road cyclists will be looking for now that Mavic will be making welded rims. The welded style rims are referred to in the S.U.P. name which is explained in more detail in or description of the 117 S.U.P. rim listed further in this section. The Open SUP rim uses a "U" shaped, double wall extrusion. The extrusion is rolled into the rim's hoop shape, then the ends are inert gas welded together. After welding, the extra weld bead left in the interior of the rim where the tire seats is machined with a grinder to remove the "flash", and the exterior sidewalls are machined leaving fine circumferential ridges around the rim.

The machining on the sidewall at the joint, leaves the joint sidewall as smooth as the rest of the rim. After the surface machining, the rim is drilled for the spoke and valve holes, then hard anodized to a glossy dark Grey finish. At this point, the only physical evidence of the weld, on the sidewall, is a slight darkening where the weld occurred. This may be from the high temperature, or a slightly different aluminum alloy was used in the wire feed welder.

The Open S.U.P. uses a two-piece, double wall stainless steel eyelet to equalize spoke nipple stress and help prevent spoke nipple pull through failure. Both eyelet pieces are stamped from sheet stainless steel, the upper eyelet piece is cup shaped, while the lower eyelet piece takes the form of a hollow rivet. The upper piece, having an oval flange, is inserted into the spoke hole from the interior, or tire side. Because of the height between the cross-tie and spoke bed walls, the upper steel eyelet cup is taller than occurs on many other double wall eyelets. The lower piece is set into the upper cup piece, with the lower piece protruding though the spoke bed wall.

Force is applied to the top of the lower piece so a mandrel can flare the lower piece into a smooth round blossom that now holds both eyelet pieces firmly within the outer walls of the cross-tie and spoke bed walls. The spoke bed wall on the Open S.U.P. showed no post machining distortion from this peening process.

We sell the Open S.U.P. in a Silver anodized SBP (though it appears that Mavic is poised to discontinue this color) or the hard anodized CD finish in 28, 32 or 36 spoke holes with a Presta valve drilling. More specifics about the Open S.U.P. rim are available in the Rim Table.


Mavic also makes the Open S.U.P. CD with the ceramic coated sidewall. It is the same rim except it has ceramically treated sides. The process of ceramics, their use and how they are applied to the rim sidewall is discussed toward the end of the Mavic rims under the 117 SUP CD Ceramic.

Ceramic 700c (Hole-28-32-36)