Overview of Mavic Rims

In 1992 Mavic USA discontinued the use of small distributors throughout the United States which, up to that time, had been inventorying for sale to retailers on Mavic's behalf. Mavic, as a sole source distributor, now sells to bicycle retail stores directly using a central facility in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

One of the product lines that have continually kept Mavic in the eye of the cyclist and on the wheel of their bike has been their rims. It's almost mystical how many serious riders, both road racing and mountain bike use Mavic rims. In fact to some less knowing riders it's probable to think of Mavic as a rim maker only.

In 1996 the Mavic MTB range of rims is expected to change drastically. Early hints have a number of the rims we have come to appreciate as discontinued. There will likely be a product introduction of a new light weight 26" wheel set. In a commando khaki or Black color arrangement, it will something like the Chronometro wheelset built on a propietary hub that will use only a Mavic rim that has a 27 spoke hole drilling. Failures of the wheel while distant from stores selling the 27 hole rim will not be permitted.

Mavic is a sole source vendor, meaning their is no other place to get a Mavic rim in the US other than Mavic USA. They also dictate the lowest price they will be sold at. Mavic publishes and sends to their dealers an "in season Mavic Price Sheet" that lists the Minimum suggested retail price they will find acceptable for their goods to be sold at. If one of their dealers sells for less than this it violates Mavic's pricing policy and the dealers will be prevented from recieving future deliveries from Mavic USA. The price that we and all Mavic retailers sell at turns around this pricing policy and their Minimum Suggested Retail Price.

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