Avid Rollamajig Rear Derailleur Assister

Avid Rollamajig
The Rollamajig assists the rear derailleur to make a smooth transition from the cable stop on the seatstay to the derailleur. It is a sealed bearing pulley that allows the cable to revolve freely in the area of the turn eliminating the binding that almost always occurs. A fitting threads into the derailleur in place of the cable adjuster. The cable adjuster (now removed) threads into the top of the Rollamajig so cable slack can be conveniently adjusted out.

It will work in all rear derailleur cable applications, which include MTB riding with cables routed from the seat stay or the chainstay, also all road bike riding. The length of the cable housing adjusts the angle the Rollamajig rests at, allowing the cable to revolve properly and smoothly (67 1/2 degrees). Weighing just 16 grams, but adding only 7 more than the stock weight (because of shorter cable and housing), the Rollamajig comes with the machined aluminum frame anodized in Blue, Black, Green, Purple, Red or Silver. $ Price in Catalog
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