Vetta Mini Pump


Made in Italy, by what we believe to be a company known as Barbieri, and marketed by Oleander S.A., the Vetta Micro Telescopic is a mini pump capable of being mounted on the seat tube or on the down tube under a mounted water bottle cage. The pump body is made of outer machined aluminum tubing anodized Black, with a second Silver machined aluminum tube inside making it a double action pump, with the inner compression tube acting as a second plunger assembly. It extends from a "closed" 9" long pump to an "open" 21 1/4" pump. The plunger shaft for the inner compression tube is made of Silver aluminum tubing that is permanently attached to the Vetta's Black plastic handle. The cup shaped, molded rubber piece acting as a "leather" snaps over a plastic fitting permanently crimped inside the end of the inner plunger shaft. The inner shaft assembly slides into the inner compression tube and has a plastic thread-in cap to hold and seal the assembly. The inner compression tube has a permanently attached end which fits into the outer compression tube. Through this plastic end, air from the inner compression exits into the outer compression tube. This plastic end also provides the fitting for the larger cup shaped rubber washer to snap onto creating the "leather" used in the outer compression tube. The inner compression tube, with the inner plunger shaft assembly, is held into outer tube and sealed with an air tight plastic cap that threads into the outer compression tube. The grip section of the Vetta Telescopic is permanently affixed to the outer compression tube, probably through the use of a bonding agent. The grip section, made of Black plastic, has both the air chuck and an air pressure gauge built into it. The internal workings of the air chuck is made of machined brass hex rod, with a reversing plastic fitting to accommodate both Presta and Schrader valves, with two O-rings around the brass machine work to tightly seal the assembly. The Vetta comes factory set for Schrader valves. Near the air exit point on the air chuck is a vernier pressure which reads from 30 PSI to 100 PSI in ten pound increments. As we mentioned, this pump can be mounted to the frame in two ways through the use of three Black nylon plastic clips which come with the pump. If the pump is mounted to the seat tube, just one clip used, which snaps around the tube and pump snaps into the clip. If its mounted in the bottle cage position two clips are used, which have a contoured bottom to fit the down tube, and have flat upper surfaces with holes through each clip so a bottle cage can be mounted on top with the bolts passing through the cage and the clips. The pump weighs 135.5 grams, the single seat tube clip weighs 9.5 grams and the pair bottle cage clips also weigh 9.5 grams. We found that 1 stroke of the pump delivered 45ml of air. No longer made these sold for $14.99

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