Specialized/Medai Pump


Specialized has a floor pump made for them in Japan, we don't know who the actual factory that makes it is, but the box it comes in bears an uncanny resemblance in material, shape, and technique to the one that Medai uses for their pumps. The Specialized pump uses largely steel construction. The base is cast of steel then painted Black The compression tube is made of steel tubing, and like the Medai Top Super isn't easily removable from the base in part because of a sealing and bonding agent on the parts' common surfaces. It has a pressure gauge mounted in the base between the compression tube and the air hose which reads up to 250 PSI or just past 16 barometric atmospheres. The Black rubberized air hose is 36" long and screws into the metal base. The air chuck we recognize, it's made by Silca and is their machined brass Art 24.0 air chuck which accommodates both Presta and Schraeder valves by reversing an internal set of parts. The Specialized Floor Pump comes with the Art 24.0 crimped in an aluminum enclosure at the end of the hose and is set for Presta use. The plunger assembly uses many of the same parts found in the Medai Top Super floor pump. The plunger shaft is made from 9mm diameter steel rod threaded at both ends. The piston is made of a greased cup shaped leather that is held in place by washers with nuts above and below. The cap for the top of the compression tube is made of molded Black plastic and it threads down around the top of the compression tube. A nice feature of this cap is that it has two air hose retaining clips cast into it, to hold the hose when not in use. The pump handle is made from cast Black plastic and screws onto the plunger shaft's upper threads. It took us 37 strokes to bring a Dart HC to 40 PSI on a Mavic 231 rim, and 24 strokes to bring a 700 x 25c Continental SuperSport Ultra on a Mavic Open 4 CD up to 90 PSI. The Specialized Floor Pump weighs 2028.5 grams and we found that 1 stroke of the pump delivered 225ml of air. $ Price in Catalog

There are early photographs being seen of a new model Specialized Floor Pump, which is not yet available.

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