Frank's Pump Picks

Floor Pump Picks


I personally use a Silca Pista Track pump at home. I find the handle a bit small and would recommend the Super Pista at this time. The Silca floor pumps work flawlessly, all of them.

If I couldn't find a Silca floor pump, I would use the Medai Top Super.

Not Recommended:

There have problems with the molded plastic bases of the Zefal and the Bell Sports/Blackburn floor pumps had a problem with the TP-1 aluminum base. The Blackburn TP-2 is a much better pump and costs somewhat more.

Bike Frame Pumps

I used faithfully for many years a Silca Impero pump which was becoming wildly popular with MTB riders after many years of use by road bike riders. It's availabilty in stores has dropped off and its lack of availability is the only reason I don't recommend it now because is a simple easy to maintain pump.


For road riders a Silca Impero if you can find it. Second choice Zefal HPX

For MTB riders a Zefal Double Shot frame pump. It's plastic, light, works and can be strapped to the frame with pump straps.

Bike Mini-Pumps

There are no mini pumps I can recommend. I used to laugh at the use of co2 inflators and consider them un-environmental but after spending the time required to use a min-pump of any type to inflate tires, I've got say they are a viable alternative. Mini-pumps can't do the job properly, in any reasonable amount of time and sucessfully allow you to remove the air chuck while leaving the tire at pressure.


If you think you want a mini-pump get a co2 inflation system instead and recycle the spent cylinders.

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