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Though these are made in Taiwan, they exhibit an unusually high degree of sophistication, and have all the features of the high-end clip style pedals, made elsewhere. A discriminating eye will see that these pedals, though less well known, are identical to the Odyssey Titanium Spindled Svelte pedal set. These pedals are far less expensive. We checked into this for clarification; the same goods made in the orient being marketed by two separate organizations is almost common in the bike industry, (Sugino disk wheels sold as Tioga, and the Cateye Mity 2 with minor changes as the Specialized SpeedZone). We were able to speak with a Mr. S. L. Liu identified as the owner of Titan. He told us that the pedal set was designed by him three years ago with prototype parts made by Hsing Ta Industrial, (HTI). Once satisfied with the pedal in the prototype he contracted with others to make the parts and (with Fasten Chiang Industry) to perform the assembly and packaging. Sometime, many months later, Odyssey, having no known manufacturing capacity, learned of the arrangement with Fasten and contracted with them for what would become the "Svelte" pedal. (Fasten, knowing the sub-contractors of the component parts, could make the subordinate arrangements.)

The distinction in the Odyssey Titanium pedal is their logo on the rear of the cage and that they come in 5 colors. What Mr. Liu says rings true largely because their pedals were the predecessor. The Titan version of the these pedals is much less expensive because Odyssey relies on distributors to sell to bike stores while Titan Racing sells directly to bike stores. The Titan pedals have a cast aluminum body, that is barrel polished, then hand polished on a buffing wheel, leaving a fine satin finish. The cast body is machined to fit the bearing and threads for the end cap. The spindle is smoothly machined from Titanium rod with two polished bearing contact points. The inner "bearing" is in fact a tight tolerance, copper clad steel bushing. The outer bearing is a Japanese NSK 686Z sealed bearing cartridge. The inner bearing is sealed against exterior contamination by a tight fitting rubber seal. The spindle is held in the pedal by a 5mm x .8mm nut shoulders against the outer cartridge bearing. The nut bearing/assembly is closed from the outside by a plastic spindle cap that threads tightly 1/4" into the pedal body. The cage is made of die cut aluminum, anodized Black, with a toe flip tab at the rear. Though the pedal body braces have no openings through them for toe straps, the cage itself has openings and tabs that will support toe strap use. The cage has non-threaded holes for toe clip or reflector installation. The cage is fastened to the body with 4 recessed Phillips head stainless steel machine bolts. A pair of Titan Titanium pedals weighs 218 grams. $ Price in Catalog
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