Replacement SRP Parts for Pedals


As we've mentioned in our reviews, with whatever delicacy we could summon, a frequent problem with many of the Shimano pedals is the plastic locknut used to hold the spindle bearing unit in place. The nut, when turned the wrong way, has a tendency to shear off. When that happens there is real way to remove the spindle or the broken imbedded parts. The broken nut holds the spindle /bearing unit in the pedal body, so often the pedal can never be used again.

SRP made replacement that is machined from aluminum. The CNC machined part is identical to the original and requires the TL-PD40 to install the spindle/locknut once the exchange is complete. The image shows you a Gold exterior. SRP now anodizes them Black. The replacement pair weighs 20 grams, not much more than the originals. This product deserves an unqualified endorsement, Buy them! $ Price in Catalog
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