Sampson UL Pedal


Sampson also remakes a more traditional pedal set for use with traditional toe clips and straps in an off-road environment. The Sampson UL ATB pedals incorporate parts made in Taiwan but are said to have small refinements performed in a final assembly process in the United States. They have a cast aluminum body that is satin smooth polished. On the top of the body a steel pin is driven into the surface of the two rear braces, and the outer front brace. A steel pin is driven into each of the rear body braces on the pedal bottom. These pins give a firm foot hold for soft rubber off-road shoes. The rear braces are milled with slots for a toe strap to pass through with enough space for the traditional toe strap twist. The brace ends are bored and tapped for the four machine screws that fasten the cage to the body.

The pedal spindle is machined from Ti 6Al 4V rod, and like the Stratics 775 series pedals, it has been given Sampson's special surface treatment, raising it's hardness and slipperiness. The inner bearing for these pedals is really a 10mm long Teflon-like bushing, which provides for rotational support. The outer bearing is a sealed bearing cartridge, the Japanese NSK 696Z. The outer end of the spindle has 6mm diameter threads, on which a 10mm O.D. locking nut tightens, holding the spindle, bearing and pedal body together as single unit. A rubber O-ring seals the inner bearing against outside contaminants. The outer end of the body is closed off by a light (just 3 grams) rod end cap machined aluminum, which threads with a rubber O-ring in the body end. The pedal cage is die-cut from 1.6mm thick aluminum plate, with teeth on its upper and lower surface. Holes for the cage fastening bolts are recessed, so the bolts, when tightened, are flush with the cage surface. The lower rear of the cage has a broad protruding edge and a single large tang for use as a toe flip. The body is Silver and the cage is Black. A pair of the Sampson Mountain pedals weighs 245 grams. $ Price in Catalog
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