Rhode Gear Mirrors


The Rhode Gear handle bar end mirror can be used on either road style drop or mountain style straight or bent bars. The mirror element has a convex shape permitting a wider field of view, is 3" or 76mm in diameter. The mirror element is mounted in a plastic holder that swivels forward and backward. The mirror holder itself is mounted to a Black anodized aluminum arm using an easy adjustment bolt system that permits it to revolve 360¡. The entire mirror assembly is held into the handle bar by an expansive rubber plug that's compressed from both ends by a knob outside the handle bar. The knob is molded of Black plastic with a brass nutsert for the expander bolt to thread into. As the knob is tightened the rubber plug bulges more in the middle holding the mirror in place. The Rhode Gear bar end mirror comes with two rubber plugs, each a different diameter to accommodate the differing inner diameters of steel and aluminum handlebars. Using the small rubber plug it weighs 85.5 grams, with the larger it weighs 87 grams.

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The Rhode Gear helmet mirror mounts quickly and easily to soft, micro, and hard shell helmets. Molded of sturdy plastic, it has two ball and socket swivel joints for precise adjustment. The first of the joints occurs at the helmet mounting plate, which can actually be locked in position after final adjustments using a 3mm hex wrench. The other is the end of the holder arm. The mirror system comes with two 1 1/8" or 29mm diameter mirrors, one is convex to get a broad rear view, the other is flat to see things at actual size directly behind you. After choosing the desired mirror, it merely snaps onto the holder arm's ball end. The mounting plate is attached using self-adhesive double-faced discs. Three discs are included with the system so it should last the life of several helmets. Using either the flat or convex mirror element, the system weighs just 10 grams. Black only. $ Price in Catalog




The perfect handle bar see-behind system, for those who don't wear a helmet. Installs quickly and securely in less than 30 seconds using a quick release, Velcro attachment system. Two models are made, with slightly different mounting brackets, one for road bikes and the other is for mountain bike. The system mounts around the grip on mountain bike handlebars and on the brake lever on road bikes. You do not have to remove, or cut your grips to install this bike mirror. It uses a 3 inch, convex mirror for a full wide view and is completely adjustable in roll, pitch and yaw so you can define nearly any rear view. The handle bar mounting bracket is aluminum alloy and has black anodized finish. Weighs 3 1/2 ounces.

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