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The Mountain Mirrycle is a handle bar end mounting mirror with an articulated arm, which permits roll, pitch and yaw adjustments. The mirror element is 3" or 76mm in diameter with a convex face that permits a wider field view. The mirror is mounted in a Black polycarbonate plastic holder that is held to the arm with an hex headed bolt threading into a brass nutsert, permitting it to revolve fully. The arm pieces are molded of Black polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate plastic is known to most people under the DuPont brand name of "Lexan". The arm is held into the handle using an expander wedge, like the type used in many stems. The first section of arm which is mounted into the bar end has a 90¡ bend, it is through this bend, from the bar end, the expander bolt that draws up the wedge passes. The expander bolt anchors into a custom, failure-proof, steel nut within the plastic wedge. The second arm piece which the mirror is bolted to also has a 90 ¡ bend with another bolt passing through it, into a brass nutsert, joining the mirror arm section to the bar arm section, again there is complete 360¡ of movement through this joint. The Mountain Mirrycle comes with two expander wedges, each a different diameter to accommodate the wall thickness differences of both aluminum and steel handlebars. The smaller is 6/10" in diameter, the larger is .72" in diameter. The Mirrycle comes with the needed hex wrench for installation, using the small wedge it weighs 101.5 grams, using the large wedge it weighs 104 grams.

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