Cateye Mirrors


The Cateye mirror is one of the original see behind bicycle devices. The mirror is 2 13/16" or 70mm in diameter using a highly reflective, shatterproof plastic disc. The mirror element is slightly convex so it captures a broader filed of view. The mirror is mounted in a Black plastic holder that swivels in a ball and socket joint within two constricting pieces on the handlebar mount. The handle bar mount is made of molded Black plastic, using an expanding wedge piece to expand and tighten inside the handle bar. The wedge piece is molded of the same plastic and is drawn up tightening the mirror using a cadmium plated steel screw with a Phillips head. The mirror's ability to revolve in the handle bar and swivel within the mount make small rear view adjustments easy. The mount permits the same use on either the right or left side of the handle bar. The Cateye bar end mirror weighs 30.5 grams. $ Price in Catalog

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