Third Eye Bicycle Mirrors


Third Eye makes four models of rear view mirror using a 1 1/2" or 37mm diameter shatter proof plastic mirror element which is flat, not convex. The mirror elements swivel on a ball and socket joint at the end of a holder arm which extends from the helmet or eyeglass mount. The mounting style is the difference in the four models. The mounts are for hard shell, soft shell, eyeglasses, or a "Pro" model that mounts on the exterior of either a soft or hardshell helmet. The hardshell helmet mounting fits around the bottom of the helmet's shell with the extension arm screwing into the mount, compressing the shell against the inner back side of the mount, holding it in place. The eyeglass mount fits all eyeglasses, using a three contact clip which is pressed down and over the earpiece, with a ball and socket joint independent of the extension arm's ball and socket, to permit infinitely adjustable positioning. The mirror extends ahead and at the side of the eyeglass frame. The "Pro" mount uses a thin plastic mounting plate that is a 2 3/8" by 1 3/8" oval with four cuts made part way through it. These cuts permit the mount to contour the shape of the rounded side of helmet.

The mount has a ball and socket joint independent of the extension arm's so an infinite variation of the mirror position are easily possible. The mount Is self adhesive, on the helmet side, so it will stick and hold to either a soft shell helmet's foam exterior, a hard shell or micro shell helmet's plastic exterior, or adhere to the Lycra cover used over many soft shell helmets. The soft shell model uses Velcro¨ fastening. The "loop" part of the Velcro¨ fabric has a self adhesive back to adhere to the Expanded Polystyrene foam shell. The "hook" part of the Velcro¨ fabric is fastened to an angled plastic mount which suspends the mirror down and in front of the helmet. The mount has a ball and socket joint which operates independent of the holder arm's ball and socket making small adjustments, while in use, possible. Installation for all four models takes just seconds and all three can be mounted and used for either a right or left hand rear view.

  1. Hard Shell Helmet - 10.5 grams $ Price in Catalog
  2. Eye Glasses - 5.5 grams $ Price in Catalog
  3. Pro-Fits All Helmets-11 grams $ Price in Catalog
  4. Soft Shell Helmet - 6 grams $ Price in Catalog


Third Eye also makes a large convex handle bar end mounted mirror. The mirror is 3" or 76mm in diameter and mounted in a Black molded plastic holder which swivels froward and backward. The mirror holder is adjustable tension bolted to the handle bar mount which is made of molded Black plastic. The handle bar mount uses rubber cylinders that expand inside the handle bar as the mirror holder, on the mount, is turned to tighten the assembly in the handle bar. The bar end mirror comes with two diameters of rubber cylinders so the mirror will work with either thin wall steel or thicker wall aluminum handle bars. Using the large diameter, steel bar set of expanding cylinders the mirror weighs 64 grams, with the small set it weighs 61.5 grams.

Third Eye Bar End Mirror $ Price in Catalog