Teflon Lubricants


Teflon is a trademarked name, registered for a class of fluorocarbon materials, but more specifically, for lubrication purposes, the name is used to describe PTFE (Poly-Tetra-Flouro-Ethylene). PTFE is available from many sources but only I E DuPont NeMours can use the Teflo¨ name. DuPont is trading on their brand recognition in the PTFE market and selling 100% Teflon¨ lubricants. There is a Drivetrain version and a Bearing version.

The 18 grams of lube comes packaged in a plastic syringe for pin point application. At over $320 per pound, this has got to be the most expensive lubrication solution. Remember Teflon¨ is just a brand name like Kleenex¨.

18g Drivetrain lubricant $ Price in Catalog
18g Bearing Grease lube$ Price in Catalog

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