Sedis Chaincoat


The Sedis Dry Chaincoat is astonishing similar to the Finish Line Professional lubricant, without the added fragrance, and actually Finish Line makes the Sedis product. It is a clear yellowish light weight lubricant that incorporates an evaporative carrier which leaves a "paraffin like" dry finish that won't attract dust or sand in dry area/condition use. Packaged in a 4 fluid ounce squeeze bottle.

4 ounce bottle$ Price in Catalog


This is the endurance formulation of Chaincoat to be used in humid climates where wet dirt and mud can be a problem or long interval re-lubrication. It is a high detergent, transparent, synthetic oil with a yellow tint. Truthfully, this lubricant is remarkably similar to the Finish Line Century lube but has a different fragrance. It is intended to stay "wet" and coat while in use, not evaporate. Wet Chaincoat comes in a 4 ounce squeeze bottle nearly identical to the Century bottle using different colored plastic.

4 ounce bottle $ Price in Catalog

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