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The Machine Tech hollow core is very similar to the RinglŽ Super Bubba. It appears the shape of the hub shell, and what weight or lack of it the shell shape introduces are the only differences. The Hollow Core is considered a suspension style front hub. The Hollow Core shell is a single piece, machined from aluminum alloy. It's turned on a lathe to give it the necessary shape, including its bulged center. The center bulge is hollow having been both drilled through and further hollowed by milling away the interior of the bulge. The shell is bored from each side making a shouldered seat for the precision sealed cartridge bearing used to carry the load on each side. As a suspension front hub the Hollow Core uses an over sized axle. Machined from aluminum rod, it has a 12mm outer diameter with the last 5mm of the ends reduced (turned to) to the standard 9mm required for fork ends. The bearings are covered by a machined aluminum collar that slides down the axle. The collar covers completely and protects the bearing cartridge. A groove recessed within the collar seats an O-ring, which compresses to hold the collar in place when the hub isn't on the bike. It also seals axle against contaminants migrating toward the bearings. The collar has a 22mm diameter outer face with a knurled surface. The Hollow Core front has a 50.5mm hub flange diameter, with the flanges spaced 68mm apart. The Hollow Core spoke holes have a 43mm center circle diameter. It is available in either a 28 or 32 spoke hole drilling. The hub shell and both collars come anodized in the same color, the axle is Silver. The color choices are Blue, Black, Grey, Lavender, Red, or Silver. The weight of a 32 hole Hollow Core is 155 grams.

Hole-28-32/Color-B-BK-GY-L-R-S $ Price in Catalog


Machine Tech also makes an 8 speed rear cassette freehub. It became available after this article was written and it will be reviewed in the future. It has 32 or 36 hole drilling and is available in the same 6 colors Blue, Black,Grey, Lavender, Red, or Silver

Hole-28-32/Color-B-BK-GY-L-R-S $ Price in Catalog

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