Specialized Hub Skewers


Specialized has made in the United States a set of Titanium skewers. The Trick Release has a machined aluminum lever that is barrel polished after machining. The lever is 70mm long and 1/2" tall. The lever's height narrows in the middle and becomes thinner in two places on its inner back side. These narrows and recessions provide a thumb, fore and middle finger grip to open and close the lever. The lever has a cam shape to close and firmly lock the skewer, which rotates against the concave plastic side of a contact washer. The contact washer, made largely of aluminum, has a 19mm diameter with three machined raised ridges to grip the fork blade on its inner face. The nut is machined from aluminum rod, also with three machined ridges on its inner face. At the outer end of the threads is a plastic insert which holds the nut in place on the threaded rod The 18.9mm diameter nut has a trough cut around the perimeter with a rubber O-ring inserted in it. This O-ring provides the grip to hold the nut in place while tightening the skewer. The pivot pin holding the skewer rod to the lever appears to be made from stainless steel, while the rod itself is made from 6Al-4V Titanium. The volute springs are made of round spring steel wire. The front Trick Release weighs 39 1/2 grams, while the rear, (made for 135mm overlock mountain hubs) weighs 42 1/2 grams. The Trick Release set is available with the aluminum pieces anodized either Black or Silver.

Color-BK-S / T $ Price in Catalog

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