Ritchey Hub Skewers


Ritchey Lightening are made in two models in Taiwan. The lever is made of machined aluminum that is 80mm long and 1/2" tall. The handle of the lever is curved with the center area cut away to reduce weight. The lever uses a rotating external cam to tighten. The cam rotates against a concave Teflon surface which is imbedded into the back of the contact washer. The Teflon surface allows the contact washer to smoothly adjust and seat while closing the skewer. The contact washer is 18.9mm in diameter and has a serrated face. The nut is machined from aluminum rod, and has 19.1mm contact diameter. A plastic insert into the threaded portion of the nut making it act as a lock nut. The inner side of the nut is serrated to grip the fork blade. A single 3.2mm wide knurled ridge provides the grip surface to hold the nut in position. The volute springs are made of flat spring steel. The pivot pin holding the skewer is made of stainless steel, as is the skewer rod. The front Lightning Rod weighs 49.5 grams, while the rear weighs 55 grams. The aluminum parts of the Stainless steel Lightning Rods is anodized in Black. $ Price in Catalog


Ritchey also has a second version of the Lightning Rods that has a Titanium rod in place of the stainless steel one. We are told the Ti rods for these are actually made here in the United States, in the northwest, either Idaho or Montana. Using US made Ti rods assures the quality of the Titanium metal used so inexpensive and questionable alloys from Mainland China or Russia wouldn't find their way into the Ritchey skewers. All other parts however, and the manufacture of the skewers in performed in Taiwan. The weight of the front Ti Lightning Rod skewer is 39.5 grams, and the rear weighs 42 grams. The aluminum parts of the WCS skewers are anodized a light Gold (WCS) or Silver color.

Color-G-S / T $ Price in Catalog

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