Hub Skewer Table

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SKEWERS Lever, Nut Material Rod Material Internal or External Cam Color Weight Price Per Pair
American Classic SteelAluminumSteel InternalB-BK-L-R-S Front-56.5g., Rear -60g. $ Price in Catalog
American Classic TitaniumAluminum Titanium Internal B-BK-L-R-S Front-48.5g., Rear -48g. $ Price in Catalog
Ariel Bicycle Works Aluminum Titanium External B-BK-L-R-S Front-33.5g., Rear -36g. $ Price in Catalog
Control Titaium Skewers Aluminum Titanium no Cam B-BK-GR-L-SFront-23g., Rear -26g. $ Price in Catalog
Critical Racing Aluminum Titanium External B-BK-GN-L-R-SFront-37.5g., Rear -40g. $ Price in Catalog
Fast Feather Ti Rod Aluminum Titanium External B-BK-L-S Front-37g., Rear -40.5g. not avail
Fast Feather Ti Rod Road Aluminum Titanium External B-BK-L-S Front-38g., Rear -41g. not avail
Gonzo Mudslinger Aluminum Titanium External cam with twist B-BK-L-S Front-25.5g., Rear -29g. $ Price in Catalog
GT Stealth Techshop Aluminum Titanium External B-BK-L-S Front-47g., Rear -50.5g. $ Price in Catalog
KORE Suspension Aluminum Titanium External B-BK-L-T-S Front-40g., Rear -43.5g. $ Price in Catalog
LiteSpeed Full Titanium Titanium Titanium External Ti Grey Front-44.5g., Rear -48g. not avail
Curve Titanium Aluminum Titanium External B-BK-L-S Front-40g., Rear -43.5g. $ Price in Catalog
Ritchey Steel Lightning Rods Aluminum Stainless SteelExternal Black Front-49.5g., Rear -55g. $ Price in Catalog
Ritchey WCS Lightning Rods Aluminum Titanium External WCS(Ti Grey) Front-39.5g., Rear -42g. $ Price in Catalog
Ringlé Cam Twist MountainAluminum Steel External B-BK-R-S Front-48g., Rear-54g. not avail
Ringlé Ti Stix Aluminum Titanium External with twist B-BK-G-GN-GY-L-R-S-Tie Dye Front-40g., Rear -42g.not avail
Ringlé Cam Twist Road Aluminum Steel External with twist Black/Silver Front-47g., Rear -52g. not avail
Ringlé Ti Stix Road Aluminum Titanium External with twist BK-L-S Front-39 g., Rear -41g. not avail
Ringlé Twisters Aluminum Titanium no cam, you twist B-BK-GY-L-R-S Tie Dye Front-39g., Rear -41g. $ Price in Catalog
Salsa Stainless Flip-offs Aluminum Steel External B-BK-GN-L-R-S-Rasta Rear -53g., Front-49g. $ Price in Catalog
Salsa Titanium Flip-offs Aluminum Titanium External B-BK-GN-L-R-S-Rasta Front-43g., Rear -45.5g. $ Price in Catalog
Specialized Trick ReleaseAluminum Titanium External BK-S Front-39.5g., Rear -42.5g. $ Price in Catalog