Curve/Pirana Racing Ti Hub Skewers


Curve is the new name for the what was known as Piranha Racing. So many other companies were using the name to sell underwater bike helmets that litigation looked eminent and Piranha Racing gave the name up. The skewers use machined 7075- T6 aluminum for the lever, washer, and nut. The lever is CNC machined from billet aluminum, is 70mm long, 13mm high (1/2") and narrows to 6.5mm (1/4") high at the lever end. To reduce weight and add some style, five graduating holes are drilled through the lever becoming smaller as they approach the lever end. The lever has an external cam design to constrict and lock the skewer closed. The cam rotates against a sintered brass washer stamped to conform to the exterior of the cam shape and the interior of the concave side of a contact washer. The contact washer, (machined from aluminum) has a 19mm diameter with serrated inner surface. The nut, (also machined of aluminum), has a 19mm contact diameter, with a serrated inner face. The nut is 10mm wide with its entire exposed surface knurled for grip. The Pivot pin housed in the lever, is made of stainless steel. The skewer rod is made form Ti 6Al-4V. Curve uses round spring steel wire for their volute springs. The front Curve skewer weighs 40 grams, the rear skewer weighs 43.5 grams. The aluminum pieces come anodized in either Blue, Black, Lavender or Silver. Made in USA.

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