Critical Racing Ti Hub Skewers


Critical Racing, famous for their brakes also has a Titanium skewer set that employs some of their aluminum techniques. One nice feature about these skewers is the lever, it pretty much obligates you to insert it from the left side of the bike. The lever is machined from billet aluminum and has a downward sweep when properly installed. The lever is 65mm long and 5/8" tall, yet narrow slightly at the end. The interior of the lever is milled away reducing the skewers overall weight. The lever is an external cam shaped to provide the final compression and locking on the axle, and rotates against a concave shaped contact washer. The washer in 19.8mm in diameter with a serrated inner face which presses against the fork blade. The nut is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum rod. It has 19.8mm contact diameter with a serrated inner face. The is has two broadly cut surfaces for a firm thumb and forefinger grip. The pivot pin, housed in the lever holding the skewer rod, is machined of aluminum, while the rod is made from 6Al-4V Titanium. The two pieces are carefully bonded together. The volute springs are made from round spring steel wire. The front Critical skewer weighs 37.5 grams, while the rear weighs 40 grams. The Critical Racing skewers are available in Blue, Black, Green, Lavender, Red or Silver. Made in USA.

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