Ariel Titanium Hub Skewers


Ariel skewers, of all the aluminum cam constricting skewers are the light weight winners. The primary reason is for this is how little metal there is in the finished nut, The average weight of the aluminum skewer nut is 7.5 grams, the Ariel nut weighs just 3 grams with the O-ring grips. The lever is machined from billet aluminum, 72mm long, and just over 1/2" high. The weight of the lever is reduced because of two 22mm by 8mm slots that are milled away. The lever has an external cam shape to close and lock the skewer in place, which rotates against the concave side of an aluminum contact washer. Machined from aluminum rod, the 19.8mm diameter contact washer has serrations on the inner side. The nut is as mentioned machined from aluminum, in a conical shape. It has two troughs cut into it, with O-rings to provide a finger grip. The pivot pin is made of aluminum with the Titanium skewer rod threaded and bonded in place. The front Ariel skewer weighs 33.5 grams, and the rear weighs just 36 grams. Ariel skewers are available with the aluminum pieces anodized in Blue, Black, Lavender, Red or Silver.

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