Giro Ventoux RL Helmet

Giro Ventoux RL side blue Giro Ventoux RL corner blue Giro Ventoux RL front silver

Giro Ventoux RL

This has 13 vents, eleven placed throughout the upper surface with 2 exhaust ports at the rear. The aero shaped, micro shell helmet does not come with a visor but it does have the Roc-Loc rear helmet retaining system that prevents helmet movement fore and aft during riding. This has got to be the most popular Giro helmet made, (your author uses one). It comes in 3 shell sizes, fitting most riders.. 2X/XS which fits 20 1/2" to 22" circumference heads, S/M (22" to 23 1/2"), and L/XL (23 1/2" to 25"). They are made in Carbon Black with dark Blue accents, dark Blue with Black accents and Silver with mint green accents. $ Price in Catalog

Giro Ventoux RL, all views in Blue
Giro Ventoux RL, all views in Black
Giro Ventoux RL, all views in Silver