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Bell Psycho Pro Helmet
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Bell Psycho Pro side view Bell Psycho Pro corner viewBell Psycho Pro front view

Bell Psycho Pro

The Psycho is an amazingly complex shape with nearly the entire upper surface covered by 14 air vents. There are four exhaust vents at the rear where the helmet surrounds the upper neck. This is a Bell "Fusion" helmet with EPS foam shell expanded in the plastic top fusing with it, giving it a permanently solid feel. The Psycho comes with a hard Black plastic visor, held inflexibly at the sides and middle. Adjustment of the visor isn't possible. It's made in 2 shell sizes S/M or M/L (consult table for sizing). The Psycho is made in a matte finished Burgundy Red, also matte Greenish Gold, or a deep Blue-Green. $ Price in Catalog

Psycho Pro, all views in Burgundy
Psycho Pro, all views in Gold
Psycho Pro, all views in Blue-Green

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