Bell Maniac Pro Helmet
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Bell Maniac Pro side green Bell Maniac front purple

Bell Maniac Pro

(The Maniac Pro is marketed as a youth or adolescent helmet. It is in fact the Vertigo Pro in a different box with a different color. The Maniac is sold in 2 sizes which are the Small and Medium sizes of the Vertigo Pro model.) The Maniac has 10 air vents spread throughout the top and the Bell "Half Nelson" rear helmet retention system inside. A soft plastic visor is Velcro fastened, allowing it to re-positioned when desired.. The Maniac comes in 2 youth shell sizes, S/M (20 7/8" to 22" head circumference) or M/L (22" to 23 1/4") with 2 color schemes. Green with Silver snakes or Burgundy with Silver snails. $ Price in Catalog

Maniac Pro, all views in Green
Maniac Pro, all views in Burgundy

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