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To make final adjustments to your headset is sometimes difficult without the right tools. In tightening a headset properly, you need to tighten modestly the upper bearing cup down onto the upper cone race, hold the upper cup absolutely still, then tighten the headlock nut down against it. Without holding the upper cup still, while turning down the headlock nut, people often overtighten both pieces, substantially shortening the bearing life as they are crushed between the cone and cup races. The proper way is to use a thin spanner wrench to hold the upper cup stationary, then tighten the headlock nut with another spanner wrench (or a large Crescent wrench). Park HCW wrenches are thin spanners made for this purpose. In our experience, 1" headsets require 32mm spanners, 1 1/8" headsets require 36mm spanners, and 1 1/4" headset need 40mm wide spanner wrenches. Park makes five models of spanner wrenches for headset use. They are made of 1/8" thick steel, fully Chrome plated, and have a hole at one end of the handle so you can hang them on a pegboard hook. They have open end wrenches at both ends.

32mm span/15mm pedal wrench $ Price in Catalog
30 & 32mm spanners $ Price in Catalog
33 & 34mm spanners $ Price in Catalog
31 & 40mm spanners $ Price in Catalog
35 & 36mm spanners $ Price in Catalog
32mm spanner w/lockring spanner $ Price in Catalog
32mm spanner w/15mm pedal wrench $ Price in Catalog
36mm spanner w/15mm pedal wrench $ Price in Catalog


If you are serious about your bicycle work and you want the proper tools to perform it. The Park cup press rapidly changes size to fit any frame headtube and presses the cup, one at a time with deliberate and even pressure into the frame. The cup press is also capable of pressing the one crank cups used by BMX racers and freestylists. It does not face the headtube (shave the top & bottom so they are square to one another). $ Price in Catalog


Another tool for serious service is the cup remover tool. The Park tool is an American made and less expensive tool that Campagnolo first made. It became known in the vernacular by shop mechanics as the "Campy dildo" because of its appearance. The tool slides through the headtube with cups installed. The bottom of the tool has four semi-circular tangs that expand inside the headtube. A downward rap with a hammer on the rounded steel top, the cup is evenly driven out of the frame. Made of steel. $ Price in Catalog

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