Edco Headset


This well designed headset is made in Switzerland and is a bit pricey, but details have not been overlooked. The head lock nut and the upper bearing cup are forged of aluminum alloy then machined with edge cuts for a headset wrench. Each piece then has fine grinding performed to clean up burrs on the inside prior to the fork threads being cut. The head key washer is stamped aluminum that fits flush into a recess on the bottom of the head lock nut. This style of design makes it a bit more difficult for the head lock nut to back off in use. A precision cut stainless steel bearing race is pressed into both the upper and lower cup. The upper cone race is made of aluminum with a stainless race, and the fork crown race is also precision machined stainless steel. The bearing retainers are made of plastic and hold twenty-two 5/32" ball bearings. One of the features of this headset is the one- way grease injection holes or "ports" through the sides into the bearing cavity of the upper and lower bearing cups. These holes allow fresh grease to be injected into each bearing compartment. The headset has an excellent system of seals with recesses in each of the cone races that an O-ring fits around. There is a stem seal at the exit point on the head lock nut. Available in Silver and only in the 1 inch size. The Edco headset weighs 114 grams, and has a stack height of 37mm. $ Price in Catalog

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