As mentioned in other parts of this book, Zoom is the brand name used by factory in Taiwan known as Hsin Lung. They are the maker of many parts used on a large number of bikes as original equipment, though the public when they buy one of these "complete" bikes never directly learns that Hsin Lung was a maker of the parts. It is always presumed that the name on the label on the side of the bike was responsible for its complete construction. Hsin Lung has a US presence in Santa Fe Springs, CA in the form of HL USA. The brand name Zoom was adopted to gain swifter acceptance and name recognition in the United States and European markets. The Brahma is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, (its temper is unknown), from tubing that would be called straight gauge, except the outer diameter in the area of the bar extension has been reduced. This external reduction or taper, prior to bending the tube, might have been milled away but appears as though it was removed by sanding. The center 2 inches of the Brahma is bulged, with horizontal knurls, bringing the outer diameter to the required 25.4mm standard for stem binding. The handlebar tapers down to a 22.2mm outer diameter and reduces further to just 19.4mm at the first bend creating the bar extension.

The Brahma has a slight bend backward, starting at 1.2 inches from the center bulge on both sides, which produces the needed 5 degree bend for the handlebar area. The external taper begins 1 inch from the first bend creating the bar extension. The tapered tubing turns smoothly beyond a 90 degree angle ending slightly inward toward the front tire. A second bend in the bar extension curves the tubing upward slightly, leaving a Ski-Bend styled extension with 6 1/2 inches of grip area. The inner diameter of the tubing at the end is 15.2mm. Two Black plastic press-in end caps are provided for the tubing ends. The Brahma is made in three widths, 540mm, 560mm, and 580mm, which is factory measured center to center through the outer section of the bar extension. The 540mm size has an outermost curve to outermost curve measurement of 560mm and a weight including the 4.5 grams caps of 253 grams. The 560 has an outer/outer measurement of 578mm and a weight including the 4.5 grams caps of 254 grams. The 580 has an outer/outer measurement of 595mm, and a weight including the 4.5 grams caps of 262.5 grams. The Brahma has an anodized Black finish. Although most of the Black models have been anodized we have received several occasionally that have been painted Black.

Width -54-56-58 / Color-BK $ Price in Catalog