WTB Off-Road Handlebar


Wilderness Trail Bikes has designed a drop style bar with the off-road rider in mind. Made in Japan for them by Nitto and historically imported through their relationship with Specialized. Made of aluminum alloy tubing, at its ends it has a 23.74mm outer diameter and a 2.18mm wall thickness. As with other bent handlebars, the wall thickness may vary in the bend areas. The WTB bar uses a 100mm long sleeve, with a 32mm long knurled center, to build out the bar's diameter to 26.0mm for use by standard road stems. The straight section of the handlebar top is 260mm long before the forward curve begins. Unlike more traditional Drop bars, the forward curve moves down at an outward 55 degree angle rather than just straight ahead. As the forward curve turns rearward, the flat lower grip section moves not straight back but at an outward 25 degree angle. Using the 4 1/2" long lower grip section, with the tubing flaring outward, while riding an off-road bike, is said to increase control. The overall width between both flared tubing ends is 605mm (23 13/16"). It has a 125mm (4 7/8") center to center drop, and is available only in Silver. The WTB Off-Road drop bar is said to be post manufacture heat-treated though its temper designation isn't revealed in sales literature. The Off-Road bar weighs 365 1/2 grams. $ Price in Catalog

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