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The AT-1 LF is a part of Scott's " Project LiteFlite", their marketing name to express their over arching desire to safely reduce the weight of their goods. The AT-1 LF is made of a 7000 series aluminum alloy, specifically which one, isn't revealed. The centermost 2 1/2", where the stem grips the bar, has the thickest tubing wall. From that central point the interior thickness of the wall reduces, or is "butted", and the outer tapers from its 25.4mm un-knurled center to the 22.2mm tubing end, where the tubing is .8mm thick. Whenever a handlebar is said to have an un-usual treatment to remove weight we get curious. We cut a an AT-1 LF in half lengthwise to make measurements and notice anything unusual. We did notice something unusual, this bar has a second piece of tubing that's 3" (76mm) inside the handlebar bulge. This inner tubing piece is the core of the bulge and has a 22.5mm outer diameter. This inner tube faithfully re-inforces the bulge and genuinely, (with its .70mm thickness) adds important structure and real "butting". Including the inner tube, the bulge area has a wall thickness of 2.05mm at both the front and rear. Three inches from the center, at the bend, the wall thickness at both front and rear is 1.43mm, (down from the 1.25mm of the outer tube only in the bulge area). Through the remaining 7" (180mm) the wall thickness decreases to just .97mm This bar is 23" (584mm) long, with a brushed surface treatment making fine patterned lines around (circumferencially) the tubing. This ATB flat bar is made with a 5 degree bend, and anodized in a color that Scott describes as "grey blue" but any one else would call Silver. Made in USA, the AT-1 LF weighs 143.5 grams $ Price in Catalog

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