Profile Bicycle Handlebar


The Bar None is made from 7071 aluminum alloy. The centermost 3 1/2" is bulged to the needed 25.4mm for a mountain stem. The bar outer diameter tapers from the bulge to the bend, then reduces to 22.2mm for the grips between the tubing bend and bar end. The Bar None comes with two Black press-in end plugs. The inner diameter of the bar at the ends is 19.85mm and has .97mm wall thickness. We cut a Bar None in half lengthwise to make some wall thickness measurements. The 4 inch long bulge area has a 1.48mm wall thickness. At the bend, the wall thickness front and rear is 1.16mm Over the remaining 7 1/2" (190mm) distance to the bar end, the wall thickness reduces to just, 94mm. The Bar None weighs 130 grams, the pair of plugs add another 4 grams bringing bar and plugs to just 134 grams. The 23" (585mm) flat bar has a 3¡ bend and a smooth outer surface the is anodized Black. $ Price in Catalog

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