Made for mountain bike riders, combination bars incorporate a flat style ATB bar, and handlebar extensions by using a single piece of tubing that is curved forward in a sweeping arc that sometimes may have a slight rise, turning upward at the ends. The benefits a combination bar brings to your are that you don't have to spend separately to buy a pair of bar ends. They allow multiple hand positions and have more comfortable and continuous positions in the bar end section. Because they are merely a part of the handlebar tubing, there is a weight savings because there is no cinch/clamping mechanism required. The negative is if the handlebar fails you will have to replace both the bar and extensions, also you have to be willing to accept the bar end that comes on the bar as being permanent. Stems with a wide binder tube, like the Syncros Cattleprod will not make it through the bar end curves. Naturally, combination bars can't be used with Grip Shift shifters. Combination handlebars don't come with grips. The custom is to put a handlebar tape, wrap or ribbon near the stem and then use handlebar grips to cover the extension area of the bar.

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