Nuke Proof Combination Bar


These are a variation of the Nuke standard ATB flat bar. Introduced a season after the standard bar, the Combo bar like the standard has a 7075- T6 core. Over the core braided carbon fiber is wrapped which is then covered with epoxy and allowed to air cure. The Combo bar has its centermost 1.6 inches bulged to a 25.4mm outer diameter. One inch on each side is used to taper the handlebar down to the 22.2mm outer diameter used for the remaining length of the handlebar. At the point where the tubing is bent forward to make the bar extension the diameter reduces to 20.5mm which it remains at to the end of the tube. The primary curve from the handlebar to the first turn of the bar extension is 4 inches long. The secondary curve that initiates the second section of the bar extension is 3 inches long and rises slightly as it moves toward the front tire. The tubing end is left open, no end plugs are provided. The inner diamter of the tubing at the end is 17.2mm. The total width, outside curve to outside curve, of the Combo is 570mm (22 1/2"). The handlebar portion of the Combo is available in a 3 degree bend. The Combo is glossy Brown in color and weighs 238 grams. $ Price in Catalog

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