Nuke Proof Handlebar


Nuke Proof was one of the first earnest entrants into the bike market using carbon fiber to reinforce the strength of their parts. The mountain bar was their first product introduction. The Nuke Proof mountain bar has a core of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy tubing, that is swaged to taper the grip section of the tubing, while leaving the center section bulged. The tubing is made thinner than would be used commonly for a finished handlebar because of its carbon fiber wrapped exterior. Braided carbon fiber encloses the aluminum tubing, which is covered and made smooth with a liquid epoxy resin. The resin impregnated carbon wrapped bar is left to air cure producing a hardened, smoother outer surface. While some carbon fiber wrapped bars are made absoluteley smooth, either through sanding or clear coat resin treatment, the Nuke Proof bar has a textured outer surface because of the raised carbon braid. The outer braid and clear coating leave the textured surface with a lizard skin like feel. The Nuke Proof mountain bar is available through us in a 0 degree, 3 degree, or 5 degree bend. The ATB bar has a 25.4mm diameter at the bulged center and a 22.4mm diameter at the ends (slightly larger than standard because of the carbon fiber). The inner diameter of the bar at the end is 18.9mm. All four models are 559mm (22") long, and dark Brown in color. The 5 degree model has a weight of 145.5 grams.

Bend - 0-3-5 $ Price in Catalog

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