Modolo Drop Handlebar


Made in Italy, the X-Tenos 6 bend bar adds a bend on each side of the traditional drop bar in the downward curve. This added bend creates a short, straight section that is more comfortable to the palm and knuckle line than the traditional round bend. The 6 bend is made from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy tubing. At the ends, its outer diameter is 23.7mm and its wall thickness is 1.69mm. The wall thickness will vary because of bends and the center bulge throughout the handlebar. A 100mm long center section is bulged to a 26.0mm outer diameter to fit the industry standard 26.0mm I.D. road stem. The straight area of the top section is 260mm long. Both the front and the rear of the top section and the first half of the forward curve have a groove pressed into them. The front groove is to recess the brake and shift cables if Aero styled brake or brake/shift levers are used. The rear groove makes a flat styled surface for the palms to push against when riding on the top of the bar. The 6 bend has center to center drop of 168mm. The flat section at the absolute bottom of the bar is 3.5" (90mm) long, the short straight reaching the downward bend is 2.5" (65mm) long. The Modolo X-Tenos 6 bend is anodized in Silver or Black. The Silver model is available in 40 cm, 41 cm, 42cm, or 44cm widths. The Black version has three widths, 40 cm, 42 cm, or 44cm. The X-Tenos 6 bend in Silver with a 44 cm width weighs 322.5 grams. The bulged center and added bends make this bar somewhat more pricey.

Width-40-41-42-44 Silver$ Price in Catalog

Width-40-42-44 Black $ Price in Catalog

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