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It might be wise to read the passage in the Handlebar Overview titled "About Titanium Handlebars" before continuing. In the United States, there are three note worthy mills that make Titanium tubing. Note worthy in their reputation and that they require no oversight or checking up when it comes to the quality of their tubing or its alloy composition. These mills are Sandvik, Haynes, and Ancotech. All of them have previously or presently served the aircraft/aerospace industry, and as the amount of both commercial and military aircraft construction falls, the peace dividend is increased attention to the bike industry as a market for their tubing. At the moment, Ancotech is the only tubing maker that is directly addressing the handlebar market. Sandvik at one time made a bulged bar, but not presently, and Haynes tubing was used by Merlin to make their straight gauge handlebar, but has now been discontinued. The Ancotech ATB flat bar meets the alloy composition quality requirements that ardent cyclists have come to appreciate, and expect in a long life handlebar. Intense riders here have come to rely on nothing less than the certified Ti 3Al-2.5V alloy used for this handlebar's tubing. The Ibis/Ancotech bar has the center 4 inches bulged to a 25.4mm outer diameter and has 22.2mm diameter at the ends where the tubing has a .7mm wall thickness. The inner diameter of the bar at the ends is 20.5mm. We cut one of the Anco bars in half lengthwise to make measurements of the wall thickness. The bulge area has a .84mm wall thickness. At the bend wall thickness is relatively unchanged, in the .84mm to .86mm range. Over the remaining 7 1/4" (185mm) to the bar end there is also virtually no change in the wall thickness with the end measuring .82mm for its wall thickness. The Ibis/Ancotech handlebar weighs exactly 146 grams, and comes in a 0 degree (straight) or 5 degree bend. It has a 565mm (22 1/4") length with a smooth outer surface, and come only in the natural Titanium Grey color. $ Price in Catalog

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