Handlebar Accessories & Replacement Parts


Sometimes people fall, and it's just possibly that their bar bridge might be damaged because it's right at the front of the bike. If you need a replacement bar bridge, we have them. This is the bridge same one used as original on the AT-4 Pro, the TX-4, the Clip-On, the DH and the Race Clip-On bars with the thumb molds to pull you into the aero wedge shape. The two steel bolts which draw the wedges together tightening the bridge in place have 5mm x .8mm thread pitch are 35.5mm long with a 4mm hex fitting and weigh 6 grams. The bar bridge weighs 61 grams and come in Black, or Neon Yellow.

Color-BK-Y $ Price in Catalog


For replacement purposes, or possibly because you want to have arm/forearm rests on handlebars other than the bars these standard on, the Sport Clip-On, Clip-On, the DH or the Extreme. The molded plastic cup piece is held to the handlebar by a steel clamp that is drawn tighter against the bar as a screw is tightened from the top. The set comes with cups and clamps and matching 1/4" thick self-adhesive foam pads die cut to fit the each of the cups. The plastic cups are available in Black or Neon Yellow. The set will work any common handlebar diameter, and weighs 77 1/2 grams. Specify color.

Color-BK-Y $ Price in Catalog


As aluminum flat bars get lighter with more thinly tapered walls, riders have had an interest in re-inforcing the thin hollow ends of the handle against cracking from the use of handlebar extensions, and merely a strong hard fall. There are new several solutions. This is why we measured and mentioned the inner diamater of the flat handlebar ends.


Answer molds a bar end stiffener, with interior reinforcement, of Black plastic, bar end plugs to reinforce handlebars. Their outer diameter is 20.65mm (.811 inches) with an insertion depth into the bar of 1" (27.5mm). A pair weighs 9 grams. $ Price in Catalog

BONTRAGER B.E.R.T.s - Bar End Re-inforcement Things

These were first seen with the Bontrager/Titec 118 bar. It's very thin end wall had a tendency to crack from a good smack. These machined aluminum tubes are 20.3mm (.8") long or 38.1mm long, with 21.38 outer diameter. The BERTs are pressed into the handlebar end. The pair of short BERTs weigh 6 grams, the longer pair weighs 15 grams.

Short BERTs $ Price in Catalog
Long BERTs $ Price in Catalog


Next Level end caps are machined from aluminum alloy rod. With an outer diameter of 18.75mm for the inserted part, they fit 8.5mm into the handlebar end. The outer lip that butts against the bar end has a 22.18mm diameter, which covers the handlebar end. A groove machined around the inserted portion holds an O-ring that compresses to hold the end cap in. The interior of the cap is machined out to reduce the weight to just 9.5 grams per pair. The Next Level caps are anodized in Blue, Black, Lavender, or Silver.

Color-B-BK-L-S $ Price in Catalog


Handlebar end plugs differ from stiffeners because they do not completely support the interior of the handlebar end. They fit into the end to close it off, prevent debris from getting into the bar end, and assist in prevention of further damage to the grips. Generally, they are made of rubber or plastic, however one clever pair is machined of aluminum.


Expando plugs are made of three parts, a hard Black plastic cap with an expander protrusion that slides into the handlebar end, a Black plastic wedge piece that has a steel nut in its interior end, and a 2" long Black steel bolt that passes through the plastic cap and expander to anchor into the nut on the far side of the wedge. The bolt has Phillips head, that when turned draws the wedge into the expander and tightened the plug in place. The end is 5mm thick and has a 32mm diameter which covers the open handlebar end and the majority of the exposed grip end. Expando plugs weigh 31 1/2 grams a pair, but should prevent you from replacing grips frequently. $ Price in Catalog


Made of Black rubber, these are traditional press-in end plugs. They have an oval end that measures 23mm by 30mm to cover an open handlebar and an fastened extension. The Tear Drop uses a 20.5mm outer diameter compressing spiral ring around it 16.4mm diameter base. The pair weighs 9 1/2 grams. Made in USA. $ Price in Catalog


These are the height of the bar plug art. They are CNC machined from aluminum rod using a wedge/expander to fasten them in place. The exposed end has a rounded dome surface with a hole drilled through the middle for the wedge take up bolt. The stainless steel bolt's head recesses into the cap. Two cuts made across the in 18mm long insertion section make four tangs that expand when the machined aluminum wedge is pulled into end plug. There are two diameters of these expanding bar plugs, one fits Mountain flats bars, the other set fits road Drop bars. Both types of end plugs are anodized in Blue, Black, Lavender, or Silver and have a pair weight of 28 1/2 grams. Warning - Profile has been extremely, extremely slow to deliver these end caps to us. In fact we believe that we are the only outlet for these plugs that they sell to and they are waiting for an adequate number to be backordered with us before they ever make any more of them. We are more likely to have them in Black or Silver if we have them in stock at all.

Color-B-BK-L-S Mountain $ Price in Catalog

Color-B-BK-L-S Road Drop $ Price in Catalog