Zoom Grips


Brahma Grips are made to provide a rubber grip for combination handlebars, (mountain bike handlebars that are extra long and have the ends curved forward to make a handlebar extension at each end). Though they are made intending to be used on the Zoom Brahma bar which has narrowing diameters at extension ends, with soap and a little effort they can be made to fit all combination bars. They are molded of a Black rubber compound and are 250mm or just short of 10" in length. The inner 120mm is 16/100th of an inch thick with raised steer heads and the Brahma logo, this is the area where hands would be placed if there were no extensions. The outer 130mm which covers the extension area of the bar is 8/100th of an inch thick with a closed off outer end that has added thickness at the grip end. The Brahma grips have a pair weight of 103 1/2 grams and an approximate durometer hardness of A/42. Made in Taiwan, Black only. Serfas sells a set of Grips very much like these. The Zoom version is a bit hard to come by so the Serfas brand may be all you find available. $ Price in Catalog

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