Tioga Bio Grips


The Tioga Biogrip II is an anatomically designed grip with a separately designed grip for the left and the right hand. The Tioga Biogrip II uses a unique shape that conforms to a hand clenched around a handle bar. It uses a dense supple rubber material that is made thicker (what they call multi-radius shape) where your handgrip naturally positions your fingers on the forward side the bar. It is also thicker in the upper palm area to cushion and soften landings. The underside, where your fingers rest is made thin so the feel of the bike is transmitted to the fingertips. Available in Black only, Biogrip II's weigh 122 grams per pair, have a durometer hardness of A/37, and are 5 inches long. They are made in Taiwan, by what is believed is the same factory that Specialized grips are produced in. $ Price in Catalog

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