Syncros Grips


Made specifically for the Syncros Comp Steerhorns handlebar extensions, because no one made a grip that worked well with the Comp Steerhorns and the small tube extension at the bottom proved awkward for a rider to sacrifice a pair of grips to cover. The Grip Kit is made of four pieces of very thin walled, (just 2.5mm thick), closed-cell foam rubber. The two longer pieces slide over the upper tube on the Steerhorn and there are two shorter closed-cell foam rubber pieces that slide and close off the lower extension piece, below the handlebar. The long pieces are 4.8 inches in length and will fit and work on any 25.4mm handlebar or handlebar extension. The smaller cap piece is 1.2 inches long and will work similarly in any 25.4mm bar application. Black only, the pair of long pieces weigh 49 grams, the short pieces weigh 9 grams. The Steerhorn Grip Kit's foam rubber is too thin to accurately measure the hardness.

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